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Why your Comfort Zone is killing you

I’ve been listening to some excellent podcasts by Carla White (who created the very lush and free Gratitude app) recently and she told me that she has the phrase ‘your comfort zone will kill you’ up in her house at all times. The phrase stuck in my head which I took as a sign I should think about it. But I was puzzled too, as I’m someone who frequently pushes myself to do the next thing, to do that thing I’m a bit fearful of so what aspect of my comfort zone was the one I needed to think about?

And then something else happened.

Someone with severe pain in their back, neck and knees asked me how they could best set themselves up so they could work in bed on their laptop. Normally I’m a solutions kind of gal and teacher, quick to use my knowledge of the body and how it moves to make a tonne of suggestions and adjustments and improvements. But on this one I had nothing to say…

Cos your spine really cannot find a happy place where it can elongate when you are working in bed on your laptop. Compressing your vertebrate and dropping your heavy head to the screen, making your neck work overtime.

In this moment it dawned on me, endless marketing has meant that our understanding of what should be ‘comfortable’ has had a massive impact. Our boundaries regarding our comfort zone and where we can adapt our bodies just to stay on that computer has been extended way way too far.

It’s actually not comfortable at all to work on a laptop in bed!

And before you tell me I’m wrong, send me a pic of yourself doing it and I’ll explain to you in what ways your posture has completely lost the plot. And when this happening you stop feeling things as you should. What makes you think you’re comfortable is actually that you’re so distracted being engrossed in your screen that your body is a very secondary consideration.

We’re not just changing our boundaries with tech, we’re actually messing up our bodies in the long-term with this idea that it’s more comfortable to work in bed, to work on the sofa or to look at fine detail on a smaller screen like a phone. If you understood and were listening to your body you would realise that it isn’t.

So for anyone working at home right please either get out of bed or put down the laptop. You get one body for life, so treat it even better than you would your computer.

Image: Victoria Heath via @Unsplash

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