Whatever you do, chances are a big part of it it happens on a computer or phone – technology has unlocked our world and it’s here to stay.

But how’s that making you feel? 

✅ Do you feel tense and tired?

✅ Is your neck or back hurting?

✅ Have you got ZOOM eyes? 

Is this sometimes? Most of the time?

And when does this kick in?
Mid-afternoon, lunchtime, coffee break?

Whether it's happening a little or a lot,
your body is giving you a wake-up call for action

Please don’t do nothing.

What if you knew…

  • a morning at your desk could leave you feeling fantastic 😊
  • what the habits of bad posture were and how to stop them 
  • how to get your energy levels higher and your pain levels lower

I created POSTURE RESET to take your guesswork out of desk work

Buy this video course and you will 

Learn how to set up your work-space, so you can work well wherever you are.

Master your tech while looking after your neck; welcome back concentration!

Learn exactly how to sit, get up and take a break in a way that benefits your body and energy levels.

Get skilled in how to start your day destressed and ready to go so each morning you can guarantee productivity and focus.

Treat yourself to a POSTURE RESET and you can expect

More energy, more calm, and more time to think.

More confidence, more clarity and more focus.

Fewer pains, aches and ouches spoiling your life.

Whether you have a home office or a patch of space you're sharing with others these videos will change the way you work for good - for life.

What you’ll get

8 clear expert videos
Demonstrating all the essentials in 6 minutes or less, cos I know how busy your life is…

A blueprint for success
I know what it takes to change and I'll tell you
along with lifetime access to the course and all the improvements / extras

Direct access to me!
An invite to my private Facebook group where I'll answer your specific questions to boost your results even more.

Once I discovered this stuff for myself, it became my mission to help as many people as possible to get their bodies onboard so they can live their best lives.

I truly believe that if more people could be the boss of their own bodies, we'd have a better world. So I'm giving away this valuable stuff for a fraction of what I paid to discover it myself. Cos that's what makes me happy.

So who am I and how do I
know this stuff?

I’m Helen,  I’m a glass half-full kinda woman in the UK who is passionate about making good change in the world. I had a great career working in the arts and community development.  Creating magic and connections between the public and some of the biggest arts venues in London.  Loving life. 

But at 27 I got crippling back pain, the kind where you can’t stand.

I was off work for 4 months, couldn’t even walk to the shop on the corner of my street and along with everyone in my life, I was in total shock at what my life had become. 

Despite having support and love from others I thought about suicide during this time.  Not because I was sick of life but the pain was so bad that I just couldn’t imagine being able to take years and years of it.  Pain like that is so intense that it limits every part of you including your outlook. With 

And then one day I came across the Alexander Technique. And I knew.

This was the thing that no one so far had even tried to teach me, and it was the most important.

How I could be in control.  

The Alexander Technique hands you back the power, teaching you how to improve your body day after day after day.

I couldn't believe it, why are we not taught this stuff in school? Why are SO many people suffering neck and back pain?

It's a waste of so many peoples' lives.

So I’ve created a course that will get you on the right path.

That shows you the practical action you can take from home now.

I've combined the best parts of what I learnt and applied it to your everyday life. All you need to do is watch, follow and repeat as often as you want to.

It cost me over £25,000 to learn all this, and I'm giving it to you for just £27, because I know what a prison pain can be and I don't want that for you. And for me? I want to use what I learnt to change people's lives for the better.

What do my clients say?

“I couldn’t recommend Helen highly enough, she will change your life!”

“It’s so useful having really accessible reminders I can use during my working day. I can feel them making a difference.  This is a really smart investment especially for the price! “

“I have some RSI in my wrist and I wanted to also learn how to make sure I was not storing up more pain or trouble in my future so that is why I joined Desk-Life. I am now standing and sitting with so much comfort and awareness. Helen’s videos are easy to understand and action – I highly recommend using them to deal with your physical issues and cut down on expensive treatments”

“As someone who had chronic back pain for the last 12 months, I’ve been putting into practice your advice and it is already making a difference. I am much more conscious of how I can make good changes and I managed to sit for a much longer zoom meeting this morning then I have for a while. Thank you! I am recommending Desk-life to my friends.”

“It feels like I have a toolkit for life now! I love the fact that I can go back to the videos, and build on these good habits and already I am seeing changes in the day to day movement of my body.”

So what’s it gonna be? 


Are you gonna opt for the same day tomorrow? 

or are you gonna invest £27 in some super effective body wisdom? 

The fact is you only ever get one body for life,  so let me show you how to treat yours so you can move well and be happy whatever your age. 

Yes I am so ready to improve my life and productivity!

The Alexander Technique is completely natural with no side effects. It is complementary with any other treatment you are having but it not a substitute for medical care; if you are in physical pain I strongly recommend you also consult your doctor as soon as you can to get your symptoms checked out.