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Discomfort is a BIG Deal

Think about when you go somewhere new and it’s not welcoming

Do you find it easy to be yourself?

Think about when you eat way too much during the holidays

Do you find it easy to do much other than go to sleep or stare at the tv?

Think about when you just slightly hurt yourself, say pulling a muscle or cutting your finger?

Do you find it a little harder to do just about all of the tasks you have to do that day?

Discomfort is something that rarely gets talked about. But it totally affects your performance.

Most people have got discomfort in their bodies that they can notice if they spend even as little as 10 seconds with their eyes shut, asking themselves ‘ how do I feel?’

Have you got discomfort anywhere? Have you got pain? Most people have.

This is your body talking to you.

A lot of people have severe issues that are impairing their everyday activity, affecting their sleep, they’ve stopped doing things a certain way because it hurts. But because it’s not acute or chronic pain, they ignore it. It doesn’t seem worthy of consideration. Other people are worse off than me…

You need to stop this thinking.

You are worthy of consideration. Ignoring it is not helping.

People (like me) that have had acute pain know that the warning signs were there earlier and we ignored them.

The Alexander Technique changed my life and my body.

It restored my body to a flowing and comfortable state.

When you’re comfortable you feel good and you perform better in every area of your life.

You’re nicer to people, including yourself. When I look back at how much discomfort I used to accept in myself I realise I am a different person now. Feeling good in your body is one of the most important criteria I have now. Without it I can’t be anything like the person I want to be.

In as little as 10 minutes I can share with you ways of thinking that will change both how you move and your energy levels.

Continue to work with me and together we will start rebuilding you in a way that’s totally natural. Get ready for this!

I choose to guide you so that the world can be full of more comfortable people. Because I’ve had enough of discomfort to last me a lifetime.

Lets get started.

Photo thanks to Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

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