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The anti-ageing benefits of the Alexander Technique

I had 2 motives in my 30s for learning the Alexander Technique:

  1. To get rid of or at least reduce my sciatica and lower back pain.
  2. To be able to move in my 70’s like the teacher stood in front of me. 

There’s something about having experienced pain that makes you able to see ahead.  I had already hit some sort of alert in my brain about ageing in my thirties because my late twenties had been bloody painful in terms of my back and sciatic pain.  I have an incredibly logical brain and to me, it was clear as day that ageing wasn’t going to be a walk in the park given what had already gone on. 

Compounded by the fact that various ‘experts’ kept reminding me, that I shouldn’t do all sorts of exercise, that pregnancy would be a horribly painful time for me and that I should never try to take up running again.  I guess in this respect I was more prepared than most to do some work early and this is exactly what I have done.

I read this extraordinary thing a couple of years ago which was that if you had regularly invested a tiny amount in a savings fund since birth you would very easily be a millionaire with no pension savings required in adulthood.  It was accompanied by a crystal clear calculation.   Sadly I haven’t but that’s another blog post. 

It’s the same principle though I think, what feels like a little effort earlier becomes a big old gain in later life.   If there’s one thing I could convey to people it would be this about their bodies.

Do a little bit of thinking and learning now, so that you never have to experience the fear, sadness and loneliness that comes from feeling like your body is causing you pain and you just can’t change it.

I found out later that that teacher in her 70s had actually had a horrific car crash in her 20s and her prognosis for even walking properly again had been poor.   I asked her what happened and she said “I was in a dreadful state and the Alexander Technique saved my life”.

Alexander Technique is my anti-ageing insurance policy.  What’s yours?

This year I have made a lot of free resources to help you decide if the Alexander Technique is for you and you can book a free 20-minute session with me anytime.  

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