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Back pain gold

There comes a time in every Alexander Technique student teacher’s life where they are sat down and told to really look at the results of the ATEAM clinical back pain trial.

I know right – it’s a mouthful.

And when they do…

They realise that the results The Alexander Technique showed in regard to reducing back pain are HUGE! Better than massage, better than exercise and better than leaving well alone and hoping it will improve – which pretty much encompasses the advice given to long term back pain sufferers.

It’s more impressive than those other options at reducing the pain,

reducing the days in pain significantly,

and best of all the results last: people that have just 6 sessions still have less back pain 12 months later and people that had 24 sessions have even less.

Infact they went from 28 days in pain per month to just 3!

And then…

because we’re already experiencing Alexander Technique for ourselves and are getting the benefits we kinda forget to make a big deal of this research.

It’s partly because the trial is written up in real clinical language which is off putting and it’s partly because well to fully feel like we’ve explained it to you, we feel like we need to explain every single aspect of the research, which basically makes it v long and v clinical again and not exactly the after work chat most people are looking for.

When really all we should say is –

there was a large clinical trial that cost three quarters of a million pounds to deliver, that showed that Alexander Technique was highly effective at reducing back pain and having long term results.

And now – joy of joys – one of my peers, has used his free time during lockdown to create a video that explains in slightly less formal language all the details of the research. Guillaume Bourgault I both thank you and salute you. Click here if you’d care to watch

And here to access The British Medical Journal’s Evidence Based Medicine article which describes the research in full. This research was funded by the Medical Research Council.

And if you want the concise summary (again thanks Guillaume) here you go,

In 2008, a randomized controlled trial was published in the British Medical Journal.

The result showed that people with lower back pain saw on average the number of days in pain per month go from 28 to 3 after 24 lessons of Alexander Technique. The effect was long term, maintained 1 year after the end of the interventions.

I’m on a personal mission to reduce the barriers that exist to people finding out about and having the chance to experience The Alexander Technique for themselves, particularly all the back pain sufferers. My first online course produced during lockdown (of course!) costs just £21 and is already getting good feedback, please take a look here.

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