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Leaders don’t slouch

Body language is and has always been here to stay.  

Breathing effectively will never go out of fashion. 

Digestion is important at any age, just try asking someone who has problems with it.   

Clear effective leaders in the workplace don’t slouch. 

Memorable performers don’t tend to either.  

Nor do toddlers. 

Or animals.   

Or plants.  

An upright posture is something that the vast majority of people are born with – so where does it go? 

This is the billion-dollar question – why do we lose what we’re born with? 

I think it’s because we underuse the gift that is the human body, in our rush to become skilled, educated, an intellectual leader in our field, we forget our foundations.  

2020 has been the year that’s forced a monumental level of pause. 

A year to remember what’s important.  

People are noticing, amid all the changes, that they don’t feel good.  

Zoom fatigue is now a thing, since home working became essential, as a result of Covid-19 this year.  

Wandering eyes, eye strain, sore necks.  

Blame centres on chairs, ill-fitting desk setups, the nature of homes being less conducive to work.  

11 million more people have reported an increase in physical pain which they attribute to home working. 

But it’s the same YOU wherever you work.   

And you have a brilliant brain

So what if you used your brain to solve this problem? 

It can be done, this week my pupil Jenny after just 5 hours of Zoom lessons – yes Zoom, you heard that right. Jenny learned to move differently – by which I mean correctly. Once she mastered this her sciatic nerve stopped hurting when she moves.  

It turns out not all Zoom meetings are tiring after all.  

So how do you truly work your way out of that slouch? 

It starts with your brain.  

Become observant, interested in what you notice when you look in the mirror. Less appearance more physical structure.  

Ask an old friend for feedback, what have they noticed about how you’re changing over the years? 

Reset, before you start up at your computer notice your body, have you arrived in that chair like a leader, or are you more like a sack of potatoes? 

Get support, from people like me.  

Why do this? 

Slouch is a brilliant teaching word.

Stop the OUCH in it getting any bigger.  

My video course DESK LIFE, designed to help home workers reset their
posture, is available for a limited time only for £9.  Are you ready to reset?

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