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 I am passionate about empowering you to get the best results.  

I have been mentoring, facilitating training and teaching adults for over 10 years.  I combine my experiencce with my knowledge of learning styles when I teach.  First of all I will get to know the way you absorb information and like to learn, so that I can give you the best learning experience possible.    While I teach you, I invite you to send me questions regularly and I will respond helping you to keep learning even between your lessons.  I know that learning works best when you feel comfortable and it includes some fun too.  I am also a walking encyclopedia of Alexander and wellbeing knowledge and I will recommmend related reading throughout our time together if that’s something you’d enjoy. 

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How to optimise your experience

These are the things I wish I had been told:

The best way to get the benefits from The Alexander Technique is to treat it like you would if you were learning a new language.  This is basically what it is – it’s a new language for your body.  

Learning like this is most effective when you do it often.  

If you want the best results you’ll need to commit to a series of 121 sessions at the very minimum of weekly or preferably more often.  Your body changes incredibly quickly when you work this way. 

The Alexander Technique can be totally transformative if you learn it like this.  It’s a very empowering tool and I am most interested in enabling my clients to get these types of results.  You will notice big changes after 10 sessions.  You can then commit to more lessons, up to 30 in total is normal, although some people find at 10 they have found enough that helps them.

You do not need to keep learning The Alexander Technique forever – much like learning a language, you can always learn more, but once you ‘ve got the foundations you then get to decide how much more you need.  I recommend infrequent maintenance lessons– a quick refresh lesson from time to time often really helps you to keep up your good work and I offer a discount on these for anyone that has booked a block of 10 lessons previously.

Learning this technique is all about making a big investment in yourself.  For me it has been the best investment I have ever made.  You are well worth the price and yes it is likely that is something that you need to save up for.   Most good experiences are.  I actually spent thousands more on a variety of different types of practices that did nothing for my pain long-term.   Alexander Technique lessons were very good value in comparison! 

People want to believe when it comes to their bodies, that pain can be eliminated without any effort on their part, or that new habits can be started without consistency  but I haven’t found this to be true.   What I have found instead is that there is this clear method that makes a huge difference if you give it your time and attention.   10 Alexander lessons will take up less than 1.5 days at work, and cost no more than a 2 week exotic holiday and you’ll come away with a huge amount of knowledge that you can implement for the rest of your life. 

Most people don’t want to spend time thinking about physical pain, how their body feels and how it will age.  They prefer to put their head in the sand.   Is this you?   Or do you want to change?   Change is entirely possible and I am here to help you make it. 

Getting started

I know that it can be hard to fathom at first exactly what Alexander Technique is and why it helps, so you click here for a free 20 minute demonstration and call with me where you can ask me any questions about what it can do for you.

Once you’re ready to commit my clients are required to have a first consultation so I can assess you before we begin.  You can book your first consultation here.   After this I offer you 20% off my prices to book a block of 10 lessons.  

If you’re curious about Alexander Technique but not ready to make any kind of big commitment I get that – and offer different ways to try it out.  Booking a lesson with a friend, or join my mailing list if you’d like to hear about future group workshops and classes.

And if you have a group already and want something specific for them, a talk, a demonstration, a workshop I offer those too. 

" Helen is a really inspirational teacher."
Jenny Fairweather