My friend we have a problem

Right now over 20 million people, in the UK alone, have back-pain.  

20 million people who everyday make changes to their lives that they would rather not make, because of the pain. 

I am so grateful and happy to say I am no longer one of them. 

I searched for and eventually found a natural method that was highly effective at treating my pain and had other big benefits too.  Now I wouldn’t be without it.  


Can you imagine a future where your body is well and truly on your side?  Would you like to?     

Too many people feel blocked in their bodies. I understand this feeling too well, it was a feeling I lived with for nearly 10 years. 

Now I’ve found my solution, I want to share it along with all the lessons I learnt on the way, as much as I can.   

So what brings you here?   You’ve come to the right place if, 

  1. you want to learn how to reduce the muscular pain you’re feeling and the disruption it’s causing in your life. 
  2. you want to improve your physical performance in some way, it can be anything from how you communicate in your closest relationships to how you dance on a stage. 
  3. you’re ready to step up a gear in your life, and make the most of how your mindset can be used to positively affect your body and how you feel every single day. 

 If 1 or more of these is you, read on. 


Are you one of the 11 million people reporting more pain since lockdown?

No wonder, all the changes from the pandemic have been a recipe for more tension!
Posture Reset is an easy to follow online course to help you look after you.

Pain getting you down?

I know,  I have been there.  I understand that it is very hard to take action and feel hope when you’re in pain.  In my 20’s my lower back pain took over my life.  In my 30’s I was back at work but the pain was still there, dictating what I could and more often couldn’t do.  You don’t want to complain but seriously is this the best it’s gonna get? No going to the cinema because your pain starts screaming 25 minutes into the film?  Worrying about a trip away because the travel is going to leave you feeling so rough? 

Luckily something in me kept making me keep going, looking for a solution and at 35 I found it.  The relief I felt was indescribable.   I now teach The Alexander Technique which I describe as the ultimate empowerment tool.  It’s a method that enables you to give yourself some tuly seriously sophisticated self-care for life.   

 Now at 41 years old I’m pain-free and my health is the best it’s ever been.  I’m ready to help you move forward.

So what about you?  

Can you imagine a future where your body is well and truly on your side?  Would you like to? 

What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a 100% natural method that you can learn to get the best out of your body.  It’s like learning a new language, one that is specifically for your body.  It helps you to, 

A human body showing pain

1. Reduce 

pain or injuries

you’ll learn how to lessen muscular tension when you move and keep this new freedom in your body long-term however old you are .

A mouth talking

2. Improve physical performance

you’ll gain the skills to be the best version of yourself, speaking, presenting yourself and communicating more clearly. 

Acceleration speed dial

3. Accelerate personal development 

you’ll make a stronger connection between your mindset and how it can be used to positively influence your body and how good you feel. 

You can use Alexander Technique to work on all these areas of your life at once, or just 1 or 2 of them.  Most of the time people begin wanting to work on 1 area and then they choose to branch out into others.    

Starting is always the hardest part and can be scary if you’re in pain.  I promise you’re in skilled and understanding hands.  Equally sometimes it’s hard to acknowledge that things aren’t the way you’d like them to be. Many people either mask or get so used to their pain or other limiting things in their body that it’s hard to say out loud that you’d like to change them and take action. 

So instead, ask yourself, 

 If things carry on exactly the way they are,  will I be happy in 5 years or 10 years or longer?  

 If the answer’s no, then it’s time to make a new decision. 

I  offer a free consultation directly with me where we ‘ll talk through what it is that brings you here and what I recommend will help you.  I’ll answer all your questions and give you a demonstration of the technique to try out for yourself.   In the meantime have a read about the many benefits of the Alexander Technique in my article here and I  invite you to sign up to my insider news to get first eyes on my offers and latest work.   I really hope you take up Alexander Technique, it has been the best method I have ever found for optimising both my health and happiness!

I can't recommend her teaching highly enough, she will change your life!

Susanna Wallis

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The Alexander Technique works. I recommend it enthusiastically to anyone who has neck pain or back pain.

Roald Dahl

You translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into muscular tension’.

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