I help busy tired hardworking people to uncover their natural
body wisdom and energy.


The Alexander Technique is an incredible method of that empowers you to become more powerful, present and pain-free in your body. You’re more able to present yourself, move freely and take on whatever you want (I’m now running and horse-riding again after 20 years as well as running 2 businesses). You experience benefits in how you look, move, react to stress while increasing your confidence. Muscular skeletal pain, tension and restrictions in how you can move your body will lessen and be reduced.

To read more about the benefits of learning The Alexander Technique click here and for access to a range of research studies about The Technique click here.


There are less than 1000 Alexander Techniques teachers across the world. In the United Kingdom teachers like me are certified by the Society of Alexander Technique Teachers or an equivalent organisation operating in their country. Our teacher training is a deep process requiring us to gain over 1600 hours training over a period of at least 3 years. This enables us to develop the sensitivity and knowledge required to teach using the largely neglected sensory process of 'touch'. Alexander Technique is not a therapy, it is a process of reeducating your body via touch and verbal instruction, it is very gentle while creating deep positive change.


One of the things I love the most about The Alexander Technique is that is totally accessible, everyone can learn it and it brings benefits to all. It will always be customised to you as an individual so there are no restrictions and you don't need to be any particular age or level of fitness to take part. You can be in pain or suffering from restricted movement or you can just be curious about how to improve your wellbeing. You don't need any particular clothing or props to start learning.


I have spent 2 years testing out the best ways to offer you brilliantly rich learning experiences. Click here for all the options I offer. To learn The Alexander Technique fully you must include one to one work hands on work with a teacher. This enables you to benefit from their extensive physical training. Through their hands they are able to guide your body gently towards a new improved direction and way of moving through life.

You are fully clothed for all sessions and lessons are fully experiential, you are experiencing movement in a different way while talking to your teacher. Lessons are fun and the time passes very quickly! They are also hard to put into words, it really does pay to experience this exception method that has stood the test of time for yourself. To have any questions answered about The Alexander Technique please get in touch.

You translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into muscular tension’.

‘And you could stop if you knew how. Why not let me show you?’
Helen Ball, AT your best move