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Why does it matter how I move?

Well it’s because if your movement is restricted then so are you.

Every adult I have ever worked with has some level of movement restriction. Often you’ll notice it in the arms and shoulders. Your arm should pretty effortlessly and lightly be able to float up to your sides. Most peoples’s are heavy before we start work, and actually quite a lot of people can’t comfortably move their arms beyond a certain point.

Restricted movement creates,

– I’m too tired

– I don’t feel like it

– Shrinking in your body and in your mind – you’re more likely to turn down new experiences because physically you’re experiencing less freedom in your movement than you used to.

There is a natural dynamic in the human body between the head, neck and back and if this is working well then you feel great. This dynamic is what The Alexander Technique restores.

When you have this dynamic, your body becomes a truly hospitable place from which you can choose how to direct your life and your reactions. You are more in control and the benefits are manifold. For performers this new higher level of control is what can make the difference between a good performance and a stunning one.

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Image: Kyle Head via Unsplash

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