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Try some Alexander Technique for FREE

Sometimes you have just got to say it like it is.

Most people who have an interest in the Alexander Technique will never try it. This is partly cos they’re not totally clear what it is or how it can help them.

This is how it is in a busy world, we don’t always get time to follow up on the ‘sort of interesting’, ‘maybe this could be good’ type of things because we have a list of stuff as long as our arm that we actually need to do.

I know this, I see this and now it’s high time I respond to it in my work as my mission is to help more people access Alexander Technique and reap its rewards. These rewards include physical health benefits, mental clarity benefits and that damn good feeling when someone says “oh but you look so much younger”.😉

Want access to the FREE 5-day mini-course?

Of course, you do! So just click here and sign up and I’ll send you an email a day. By day 5 you’ll have a much richer sense of what the Technique is, what it can help with and be able to make an easier choice of whether you want to try it. Oh, and you’ll have entered my monthly draw where someone wins a free hour-long session with me.

The benefits of the Alexander Technique

This week is mental health awareness week. There is still such a stigma to admitting the reality that everyone’s mental health fluctuates, it is not a constant state. We talk about it a little more now – but generally only in terms of whether it’s ‘no worries’ great or ‘all the worries’ bad, with not much conversation about the huge range of experiences that make up the in-between.

Why I use the Alexander Technique

I use Alexander Technique to help me stay aware of my mental health, it is a tool that helps me notice my classic tell-tale signs which are disassociating – which basically means zoning out, and brain fog, which to me feels like overwhelm plus not being able to think clearly. Having Alexander Technique in my toolkit makes it easier to accept that these signs happen and that they don’t need to feel like big trouble, more something that is part of me and should be treated kindly and with care. I am grateful for that, before I would have treated them as some big negative problem to be solved, which in turn creates more pressure and less space to change.

Will you give it a try? It’s FREE!

Changing physical and mental habits takes time and space and the right process, all of which are to be found in the Alexander Technique. I hope you’ll give this totally natural technique a try and please do share it with your friends, I appreciate it.

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