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I watched Helen's videos recently and straight away used the brilliant advice and the Alexander techniques Helen's showed me to be less tense sitting and standing at my desk... I particularly liked the video about taking a quick rest up against a wall [without anyone noticing] which is great to use when I am in the middle of a photo shoot. Thanks to Helen I am aiming to embed these techniques to my everyday life and so feel better and less tense. I would highly recommend Helen as your go-to Alexander Techniques teacher. These techniques Helen shows us are life-changing.
Amy Clare Adams
When I met Helen I was in so much pain in my upper shoulder, neck, jaw and teeth. I would grind my teeth so badly at night that my teeth had started to move! This was a long term problem and I had visited countless massage therapists and back specialists to keep my problem at bay. I had come to the realisation that I had to make a fundamental change in the way I moved and held my posture. By the time we had got to session 8 of Helen's body brilliance programme I was not feeling any pain AT ALL. Following and understanding Alexander Technique subtle principles has changed my life for the better. With Helen's supportive sessions via Zoom we even discovered the source of my pain which was an unexpected result! Thank you Helen
Jane Long
It's been four weeks since I started having Alexander Technique lessons with Helen, but they've already had a massive difference on my posture! I am a lot more aware of how I move my body throughout the day and am implementing the different techniques I've been taught so far. This is a skillset I will be using for the rest of my life. Before our lessons I knew hardly anything about the Alexander Technique, but I wanted to give it a try because I had a lot of chronic neck pain (which has significantly reduced already!). On top of that the sessions with Helen are great fun and Helen explains everything very well. I can not recommend her highly enough. If you've been thinking of trying out the Alexander Technique, don't wait any longer, because Helen is your go-to person. Your body will thank you for it.
Patrik Travers
Helen is a brilliant teacher. She's calm, kind and extremely knowledgeable. I feel lighter and full of energy after a lesson with her and miraculously haven't needed to go back to my dr for my recurring neck/back pain since we started - I am really happy I found Alexander Technique through her.
Claire Dundas
Helen has been a guest workshop leader for my client group programme several times now. She has such a calming presence and her clear approach makes it super easy to understand and experience Alexander Technique even within your own home. Within just 10 minutes I was feeling more relaxed and my participants reported similar positive release and de-stress results too. She's also a genuinely caring and friendly person. I can't recommend her highly enough.
Mel Larsen
Dream Project Coach
I can highly recommend Helen, she has such a great clear way of explaining the Alexander Technique that doing our recent session on-line whilst in isolation was really easy to follow, and I've come away with some great advice on how to manage my body day to day whilst working at my desk.
Floss Gibbs
t’s so useful having really accessible reminders I can use during my working day. I can feel them making a difference. This is a really smart investment especially for the price!
Claire Dundas
I have some RSI in my wrist and I wanted to also learn how to make sure I was not storing up more pain or trouble in my future so that is why I joined Desk-Life. I am now standing and sitting with so much comfort and awareness. Helen’s videos are easy to understand and action – I highly recommend using them to deal with your physical issues and cut down on expensive treatments.
Binita Walia
It feels like I have a toolkit for life now! I love the fact that I can go back to the videos, and build on these good habits and already I am seeing changes in the day to day movement of my body.
Jane Long

You translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into muscular tension’.

‘And you could stop if you knew how. Why not let me show you?’
Helen Ball, AT your best move